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iLens is our premier Industrial IoT solution, addressing Industry 5.0 demands with capabilities including Interface Connectivity, Edge Analytics and Predictive Analytics. We are currently powering automation, manufacturing, energy and utility companies across the globe.
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Our solution provides the unique intersection of Enterprise Data Lakes, with IoT and AI enabled applications that can provide intelligent business insights. For our customers, this means a single platform based solution for all their key business scenarios including Plant Maintenance, Monitoring and Control, Energy Management, Asset Track and Trace, and Manufacturing Execution.

What iLens Does?
Connected Factory
  • Plant Digitization, Connected Factory & Remote Monitoring
  • Production Planning
  • Real-time Environment Monitoring
Connected Assets
  • Asset Management & Traceability
  • Asset Efficiency & Optimization
  • Inventory Optimization
Connected Workers
  • Digital Logbook
  • Labor Management & Optimization
Operational Efficiency
  • Operational Efficiency & Productivity
  • Energy Management & Optimization
Predictive Analytics
  • Condition Based Monitoring
  • Predictive Analytics
AI Powered Vision Analytics
  • Advanced Visual Inspection
  • Industrial & Worker Safety
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Why iLens
Customer-first approach

Successful track record with our customers and continued engagements with them.

Innovation led Solutions with Next Generation Advantage

Innovation is the core driver of all our product and solution offerings.

High Predictability & Guaranteed Outcome

Successful track record with our customers and continued engagements with them.

Highly Efficient Operations

Automation is at the core of our software development, resulting in lower TCO.

Dedicated team of technology experts

Team of tech geeks constantly working to improve solution offerings and provide committed support.

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