iLens - Industry 5.0 Solution

Asset Efficiency -

Chiller Digitization

Applicable Industries - Textiles, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, Semiconductor and High precision Equipment Industry

One Objective, Multiple Benefits

  • Calculation of operating conditions - IPLV/CPL
  • Simulation to compare against actuals
  • Correlation Analysis of key variables that impact efficiency.
  • Savings from Optimization of Operating Conditions
Chiller Sequencing
  • Identification of optimal sequencing of chillers.
  • Benchmark system performance against optimal output
  • Savings from Operations Improvement of sequencing of chillers.
Predictive Maintenance
  • Pro-active maintenance based on failure prediction.
  • Improved Operating Life of Equipment.
  • Savings on Maintenance and Spare parts optimization.
"Potential Annual Cost Savings of ~ ~INR 35 Lakhs ( $50K USD) with ~8 Million kWH reduction in Power consumption at manufacturing Plant using iLens - Asset Efficiency solution"

The Problem Statement

In various Manufacturing facilities such as Textiles, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, Semiconductor and High precision equipments - Process cooling, Chilling and Air conditioning are the critical needs in daily production operations. Facility cooling is primarily driven by electricity, a big component of plants' energy bills. It is possible to meet the thermal comfort demands of the Plant and achieve operational and energy efficiencies that can significantly decrease ongoing operational costs.

Critical Concerns
  • How do we get an end-end Asset Efficiency & Predictive Maintenance solution that includes hardware, connectivity across protocols, data management & predictive analytics?
  • Are our plant’s Chillers and cooling systems running efficiently ?
  • Can we manage the plant better with reduced operational costs ?
  • Can Data along with IoT and AI be used to solve our current problems ?

The Solution

The iLens – Industry 4.0 solution for Asset Efficiency – Chiller Digitization uses the technology to optimize volume of water and temperature setpoints while analyzing the chillers, transfer pumps, cooling tower fans and cooling tower transfer pumps to maximize the Chiller plant Efficiency. The Solution set consists of Smart Connect IoT Gateways & IO modules, sensors, wi-fi routers, iLens Industry 4.0 software suite. Chiller Digitization app in iLens consists of Dashboards and Reports with the flexibility to deploy either on Customer’s on-premise servers or as a Cloud based solution offering. The Solution provided by iLens is as follows:

Data Analytics & AI powered recommendations
  • Chiller performance ranking based on key parameters like running hours, efficiencies, priorities, loads etc.
  • Trigger Alerts on deviations in forecasted energy vs actual energy consumption.
  • Identify anomalies and trigger predictive maintenance alerts of faulty equipments such as motor, compressor, condensing fans etc.
Monitoring on Operational & Process alterations
  • Chiller Sequencing
    • Vibration sensors – vibration
    • Acoustic sensors – material stress – detect deformation
    • Accelerometer – acceleration, frequency & intensity - material shock
    • Temperature sensor – gear box, bearing temp, lubrication oils etc
Business Outcomes


Monthly Energy consumption reduction

7,98,000 kWH

Annual kilowatt hour reduction

60 hrs

Reduction in Manual Effort for data collection

~INR 35 Lakhs

Annual power savings

iLens Solutions Snapshot
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