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Predictive Maintenance

Applicable Industries - Manufacturing - Cement, Textiles, Iron & steel, Oil & Gas, Utilities and Pharmaceuticals

One Objective, Multiple Benefits

  • Offers asset visibility, availability and high returns on asset management
  • Predictive asset management solution out-of-the-box, standardized services with domain expertise in assetintensive industries.
  • Ease of implementation and ease of integration with multiple industrial assets, and enterprise systems.
  • Optimal mix of data science & ML techniques for predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities
  • Digital twin model for the asset to simulate various conditions.
  • Fault detections and frequency domain analysis.
  • Overall equipment efficiency.
"Achieve reduction in Production throughput losses upto ~ INR 5 crores (700K $) annually. (eg: a Cement manufacturer of 125 tons per hour capacity having losses of 10 crores for 96 hours downtime due to gear box or hydraulic system failure."

The Problem Statement

Assets in various Industrial plants such as Roller Press, Boilers, Electrostatic precipitators, Spindles or Vibration monitoring in milling machines, heat exchangers, cooling systems are important asset/equipment that impacts the overall throughput & efficiency of the Manufacturing operations.

Any unscheduled breakdown in these asset impacts the overall operation of the Plant, increases maintenance costs

The overall objective is to facilitate
  • Condition Based Monitoring of the Asset to determine Remaining Useful Life (RUL)
  • Monitor Abnormalities/anomalies and trigger alerts.
  • Facilitate Predictive Maintenance to provide early warning indication on the Asset (Roller Press, Boilers, ESPs) before it fails or gets damaged.
  • Increase asset uptime.

The Solution

Predictive Maintenance
  • Predict the remaining useful life of an Asset (eg: Roller Press - Gear box, Roller Bearings and drive motor)
  • Provide early warning about possible failures and forecast residual life before failure
Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • Efficiency measurement of the Asset (eg: Roller Press or Boilers) leveraging the input feed rate, recirculation rate and other roller operating parameters.
  • Provide Efficiency trends over a period to identify drop in efficiency and co-relation with the operating conditions.
Digital Twin for Roller Press
  • Digital Twin model of the Asset (eg: Roller Press or Boilers etc.,) and its sub-component and provide an ability to simulate various load scenarios and anomaly conditions.
Condition Based Monitoring
  • Online Monitoring of operational parameters in an Asset (eg: Roller Press - Motor, Gear Box and Roller
    • Vibration sensors – vibration
    • Acoustic sensors – material stress – detect deformation
    • Accelerometer – acceleration, frequency & intensity - material shock
    • Temperature sensor – gear box, bearing temp, lubrication oils etc
  • Early warning alerts of the critical parameters for pro-active action by Plan Maintenance Team
  • Alert any anomaly(Bearing inner race, Bearing outer race etc.) in operations observed due to faults.
Business Outcomes


Reduction in downtime due to equipment failures


Reduction in Production throughput losses


Extension in the lifetime of aging assets


Reduction in worker injuries


Reduction in maintenance costs

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