iLens - Industry 5.0 Solution

AI Powered Vision Analytics

Cement Bag Detection &
Counting Solution

Applicable Industries - Cement, Chemical and Fertilizers , Sugar, Agro-Industries etc.

One Objective, Multiple Benefits

  • Highly Accurate detection and reliable counting of bags powered by AI – Vision Analytics
  • Detection and counting of conjoined bags
  • Alerting in mismatch of packed vs loaded bags across the conveyor lines
  • Compatible for various forms of loading lines - truck and wagons loading operations
  • 100% Removal of manual counting of bags
  • 100% Elimination of manual logging of records
  • Decrease in human errors and fraud
  • Reduction of rejects and loss of Bags falling through conveyor belts before loading operations
  • Intelligent dashboards and Reports indicating the status of the operation
  • Option to automatically control the loading machinery
"The Secret behind Cement Plant’s Grand move to iLens to Boost Annual Cost Savings of $250K (1.8 Cr INR) in fixing the Bag loading operation Using AI"

The Problem Statement

Cement Plants in India, the Middle East and other countries have a large production and construction demand; the cement is packed and shipped in plastic or paper bags. Dispatches to warehouses, depots and customer sites require efficient and reliable logistics handling of loading, counting, weighing and dispatching of cement bags.

While Plants have tried and tested the IR sensor based or Load cell enabled or Manual operators driven methods, the accuracy levels have been less than 95%

Some of the biggest plants today dispatch on an average of...

To achieve these mammoth numbers in a smooth and reliable manner, the plant personnel must be assisted by Intelligent systems to reduce missed counts, rejects, fraud and minimize losses.

The overall objective is to facilitate
  • Count mismatches
  • Multiple loading points
  • Recounting at packing points
  • Reconciliation across floor operators' manual logs

The Solution

100% Accurate

The iLens – Industry 4.0 – Vision Analytics - Cement Bag Detection & Counting solution offered 100% accurate & reliable implementation success for India's leading Cement Manufacturer

The solution consists of...
  • AI powered Vision Analytics enabled Cameras mounted across the conveyor belt of multiple line bays where cement bags are dispatched.
  • Live video feed is streamed to the iLens - Industry 4.0 solution prebuilt with AI / Machine Learning models to perform accurate detection and reliable counting of the bags
  • Proactive Alerts, Intelligent Dashboarding on displays and reporting with live insights.
  • Additional option to integrate with the customer’s ERP to automatically exchange information.

The absolute power of the AI powered solution to accurately detect and count cement bags, even in abnormal cases of conjoined jobs is a talking point.

Top Score

Highest satisfactory score by Customer of the Cement manufacturer in delivery of exact Purchase order met with accurate count of Cement Bags delivered.

Business Outcomes

1.8 CR ₹

Cost Savings in Loading operations


Reduction in Turnaround Time of loading, counting and dispatch processes.

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