iLens - Use Cases

Centralized Monitoring of

Groundwater Pumping Stations
across Cement Plant

Solution Overview

  • Each Plant has multiple borewells with Pumps installed for extracting groundwater and feeding to the plant process.
  • The project involved centralized monitoring of the extracted water using flow meters installed at each borewell.
  • The data is uploaded to the cloud using IIoT Gateway which is using GPRS SIM for cloud connectivity. The flow meter is monitored every 10 seconds, the flow rate is recorded, from which the Totalizer calculates the total water extracted.
  • The Edge Gateway implements the totalizer and the data is uploaded to the Cloud every 1 minute.
  • f there is internet disconnection, the data is accumulated on the Edge Gateways. The data is uploaded to the cloud when the network is restored. The accuracy of measurement is critical for compliance.

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Business Impact


Data availability of Flow rate


Improved accuracy in daily reporting of consumed water

Critical Capabilities

Device Management

Complete End to End Device provisioning and management.

Data Management

Complete end to end management of the data , including historian.


Data analytics for the totalized flow consumption.


TLS 2.0 SSL Certificate based data transmission.

Ease of Use

WebSCADA view of the various stations.

Deployment Option


Application Enablement

Specialized Ground Water Monitoring App for Government.

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