iLens - Use Cases

Centralized Predictive Analytics

for Rooftop Solar
Industrial Customers

Solution Overview

  • Centralized Asset Monitoring and Predictive Analytics of the Inverters performance and Solar Panels.
  • by continuously monitoring the yield, environment conditions, electrical parameters and power generation.
  • Continuous Prediction of the Yield , losses, Equipment failures for all the Assets deployed across the country. .

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Business Impact


Energy Forecasting and prediction accuracy


Improve overall yield


Improved downtime

Critical Capabilities

Device Management

Provide device provisioning and management capabilities.

Data Management

Consolidation of all data from all the individual sites on single centralized view.


Integration with external gateways.


TLS 2.0 SSL based data integration with Cloud. Role based user access control for data security.

Ease of Use

WebSCADA provides easy visual representation of the assets and navigation.

Deployment Option

Cloud Deployment.

Application Enablement

Each End Customer has individual portal for them to view and monitor their assets and get predictive analytics delivered to them for solar yield prediction.

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