iLens - Use Cases

Centralized Dashboard for

Entire Cement Plant’s
Industrial Assets

Solution Overview

  • The project involves connecting to all the PLCs in the plant from different OEMs, connecting all the utility systems into a single centralized dashboard using a Hybrid approach where local on-premise server will be present in the Plant and Cloud server on the headquarters for all parameter monitoring.
  • Entire Cement Plant Data Historian remotely on the headquarter.
  • Real Time Web SCADA for all live remote monitoring.
  • Dashboard, Reports, Analytics and automated process log books at periodic intervals.
  • Analytics Dashboards to monitor key parameters of the machines.
  • Deployed Gateway and Data diode to provide unidirectional secured communication with the PLC and seamless IT-OT Integration.

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Business Impact


Tags from the Cement Plant


Saved manual effort of 1 person


Saved Historian license cost

Critical Capabilities

Device Management

Completed end to end device provisioning, management and control.

Data Management

Complete historian of the data in Local Edge Appliance and Cloud Server for 15 years.


Dashboard, Alerts on critical process parameters and deviation, OEE.


Unidirection secured IT-OT integration with Data Diode. TLS 2.0 SSL based data integration with Cloud. Role based user access control for data security.

Ease of Use

WebSCADA for easily visualization of data. Mobile Alerts for condition based monitoring.

Deployment Option

Hybrid. (Edge Appliance and cloud).

Application Enablement

Apps for OEE and Condition Monitoring.

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