iLens - Use Cases

Condition Monitoring and

Remote Calibration
of Analyzers

Solution Overview

  • Connected 54 Stacks with 206 Analyzers with a total of 1200 parameters from the Analyzers.
  • Deployed IoT Gateways on the Edge to fetch analyzer diagnostics and trigger remote calibrations of the dilution probe controllers.
  • Connected Fault Indicators from the Sampling systems to identify any system faults.
  • Provided condition monitoring alerts on analyzer failure and also provide early warning indicators for calibration needs for analyzers.
  • Enabled remote monitoring of all the network assets to identify any failure including internet failures and created proactive alerts to operators.

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Business Impact


Reduced Analyzer downtime


Improved data availability


Compliance requirement


Reduction of exceedance

Critical Capabilities

Device Management

Remote device management of iLens Gateways on Cloud. Remote deployment/upgrades and acquisition controlled through iLens Cloud.


Data Security implemented using Operator roles. Data encryption using AES. Communication using TSL 2.0 SSL certificate based communication.

Application Enablement

Alert Management application provided to customer.

Data Management

All data organized in Local Server and Synced to Cloud Server as well. Complete historian of the data on the Cloud.

Ease of Use

Web SCADA provided along with visual diagnostics of all systems in Real-Time.


Integration of Alerts with In-house alerting application


Analytics on Exceedance, data availability, downtime, Compliance and Proactive alerts provided.

Deployment Option

Hybrid option. (On-Prem Server + Cloud ).

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