About Us

Knowledge Lens provides a collection of Lens that automates and simplify the discovery of hidden insights from Big Data. Our mission is to turn the dark data to meaningful business insights. We are Big Data Technology Geeks with extensive Industry expertise with wide range of Big Data Projects ranging from Big Data Engineering to Data Science.

We believe that the world’s scientists, engineers, and analysts deserve nothing but best-in-class digital technologies by providing them with user-focused, domain-specific software applications that are built on leading edge technology. That’s why our mission at Knowledge Lens is to deliver world-class technology solutions through constant innovation ,research and collaborative creativity in order to facilitate actionable insights and assist companies in organizing and utilizing their data to optimize their core processes.

We understand that our customers follow the same general processes, but each one has their own unique way of executing these processes. That’s why all of our solutions are designed from the ground up to be flexible to adapt to your terminology, data structures, and processes. It’s also why we use a microservice based architecture, so we can expand solution capabilities without disrupting critical business activities.