US-based Hospital achieves improved Patient Support & Engagement via AI-powered Conversational Chatbot

US-based Hospital achieves improved Patient Support & Engagement via AI-powered Conversational Chatbot

Client Introduction & Business Requirement

  • Our client is an Indian Business Process Management company that provides services to the healthcare sector, among other industry verticals, across the globe.
  • Our client provides customer service support to a US-based hospital. They required a conversational bot that could process and assist with patient queries related to payments & insurance, on the hospital website.
  • The bot should be speech-enabled, with the capability to understand & respond to voice and text inputs. It should serve as a stand-in for a customer support agent, and process multiple payment-related queries in an interactive manner, provide a clear channel for site visitors to navigate, and deliver smooth resolution to patient queries.

Solution Overview

  • When a patient enters the hospital website, the conversational bot’s chat window opens up within 30 seconds, with a greeting and instructions for authentication using OTP. The bot supports requests pertaining to submission of bankruptcy information, disputes, viewing of account balance/ statement and updating of patient profile information.
  • The bot is capable of understanding patients’ voice & text inputs. It converts voice messages into text, extracts entities & intent, identifies significant patterns, and provides the output in the form of a voice or text message.
  • The bot is powered by AI & NLP algorithms, and is capable of understanding the users’ natural language, intent and sentiment. As of today, the bot is capable of handling requests in English & Spanish; it can scale to learn all languages that are supported by Azure.

Business Benefits

  • Earlier, patients had a one-way click-interface in order to make payment related queries. Now, the wait-time is cut drastically and they are provided with an interactive medium for query resolution, within minutes.
  • Powerful, Scalable, Smart: The bot is capable of handling a niche set of functionalities (related to the website’s payment portal). These capabilities are scalable, so the bot can handle more complex customer queries over time.
  • The bot provides timely assistance, creating a very specific user journey on the website.
  • Improved service resolution & increased operational efficiency; sales reps’ volume of support requests reduced and they have more time freed up to address more complex patient queries.
  • Generation of new insights based on the conversational data gathered.
  • Capability to scale up to accommodate rising demand, new business requirements & geographies.
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