Customer Success Story: Multinational Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Company

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Multinational Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Company

We developed an Enterprise Data Lake & Advanced Analytics for our client, to provide them with a centralized, real-time platform for data analysis, capable of processing massive data volumes in near-real time.

Client Introduction

Our client is one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies. Deeply rooted in science and innovation, their mission is to develop medicines and therapies for critical illnesses.

The Challenge

Our client was using conventional data processing technologies for performing their analyses. However, they faced several challenges:

  • Huge increase in licensing cost of existing database management system.
  • Increased time in data processing.
  • System incapacity to process unstructured and semi- structured data.
  • Siloed system of records across the enterprise.

They required a unified database system with analytical capabilities for:

  • Analysis of bio reaction processes at various stages of the development of a new drug.
  • Market analysis of their medicines and performance of medical representatives.

Solution Overview

  • We developed an Enterprise Data Lake using open source technology and designed it as the central data processing hub for the entire company.
  • Data ingestion was performed from all the sources to this single Data Lake (secure storage), rather than multiple distinct database management systems.
  • End users were enabled to perform analysis in a secure way. We also developed custom dashboards and facilitated integration with various third party reporting tools to generate reports.


  • Centralized, real-time platform for data analysis.
  • Predictive Analytics capability.
  • Data Fabric which brought value from both Data Lake & Data Warehouse.
  • Easy plugin for advanced analytical and standard visualization tools.
  • Capability to process massive data volumes in near real-time.