Knowledge Lens’ partnership with Databricks helps deliver quality Big Data Spark applications at speed.

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We partnered with Databricks so that we can provide quality solutions to a wider community, leveraging our expertise in Big Data Analytics, AWS, Spark and Azure. We firmly believe in data- driven business decisions, and our partnership with Databricks upholds this ideal.

By working jointly with the Databricks team, we have played an active role in providing innovative solutions that add value to all on board.

Because, together, we can do better.

Databricks- What they do?

Databricks provides a unified platform for analytics powered by Apache Spark, so data science and business teams can collaborate better, and build data products. Their vision is to revolutionize the applications of Big Data and AI, and the insights drawn from these technologies.

Knowledge Lens + Databricks

We bring our unique technical expertise to the table, to provide custom solutions that play well with Databricks’ solutions. With expertise in Big Data Analytics and Management, Cloud, AWS and Azure capabilities, we ensure that we provide top-notch solutions for our client community.

“Our clients include global leaders in Management Consulting, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries.”

How it works?

Secure, scalable Cloud Infrastructure
Reduced logistical complexity
Analytics-centered model
Global client base

Migrate Hadoop Data, Workloads, and Orchestration to Databricks on Azure or AWS at lightning speed.

Modernize your Enterprise Data Lake to Serverless Data Lake using MLens, where data, workloads and orchestrations can be automatically migrated to the cloud native infrastructure.

  • Supports migrating to AWS S3 or Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 for all types of data (HDFS, RDBMS, Files etc.)
  • Migrate to Azure Data Factory, AWS Glue, Apache Airflow, Databricks Notebooks for Workload Migration and orchestration.
  • Supports Automated migration of Hive Queries, Impala queries to efficient Spark SQL.
  • Migration wizard that provides a clear impact assessment and migration path for all the workloads that must migrate to serverless data lake.
  • High Speed Data Migration over secured clusters even with no direct access to cloud infrastructure.
  • Highly scalable Live Incremental and Full Migration without any downtime.
  • Comprehensive detailed assessment report that can be leveraged during pre-migration and post-migration.
  • Automated workload and orchestration migration to target technology based on the cloud native preferences.
  • Establish Backup and Disaster Recovery solution as required.

"MLens is the only tool that can recover point in time snapshots of data on Hadoop Clusters, and support incremental live migration."

"Proven technology migrating workloads for Fortune 500 companies over the last 4 years."