Partnerships that matter

Knowledge Lens partnered with Informatica so that we can continue to strive towards quality data management, and shape an active role in innovations that really matter. From healthcare to the finance sector, we have managed to provide top-quality data services, to improve business insights, and add value to all on board.

Because, together, we can do better.

Knowledge Lens + Informatica

We bring our unique technical expertise to the table, to provide custom solutions that play well with Informatica’s products. With expertise in creating Big Data Lakes, Big Data Backup, Automated Disaster Recovery, and Data warehousing solutions, we ensure end-end data security, management and analysis.

Simplify. Engage. Deliver.

Easy migration to Cloud
Analytical Insights
Operations Excellence
Data Security, Management and Analysis

What we do?

  • Big Data Transfer
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Data Warehousing
  • ETL Strategies

Our Projects

At the heart of our work lies the commitment to supercharge enterprise efficiency, by doing what we do best- Big Data Management & Analysis. We work on an ad hoc basis, and provide development support, to deploy custom solutions for our clients. 'Some of our clients include a global beverage production company and a cloud computing software leader.'