Ride Sharing Company

We used a combination of AI and Containerization technologies to implement a Big Data Lake and Advanced Analytics Platform for our client, a ride-sharing application company.

Multinational Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Company

We developed an Enterprise Data Lake & Advanced Analytics for our client, to provide them with a centralized, real-time platform for data analysis, capable of processing massive data volumes in near-real time.

Fortune 500 Finance Company

We provided AI powered Risk Analysis for our client, enabling automation & intelligent big data analytics that led to savings to the tune of $100k in annual labor costs.

Premier Cement Manufacturer

We developed a comprehensive Industrial App solution to simplify and automate device connectivity, data acquisition and analysis for our client, Orient Cement.

Indian Solar PV EPC Company

We developed & implemented an intelligent platform for achieving better management of demand forecasts and increased longevity of solar panels, improving the overall efficiency of power generation on our client’s solar farm.

US Telecommunications Equipment Company

We implemented Data Lake & Advanced Analytics for our client, to improve their operational efficiency and decision-making based on studied parameters.